activities in thekkady
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Must-try Activities in Thekkady

Famous for its proximity to the dense woods of Periyar National Park, Thekkady is home to lush greenery, thriving wildlife, the Periyar River and plenty of scenic sights. But that's not all. Going beyond picture-perfect places, the region also offers…
kerala dishes

Appam to Beef Fry: Top 10 Must-Try Dishes from God’s Own Country

Kerala isn't just about serene backwaters, rustic villages, splendid beaches and an interesting culture. The region is just as popularly known for its lip-smacking local cuisine. Whether it's breakfast staples like puttu and appam or the sumptuous sadhya which is served for special occasions and functions, God's Own Country has…
music festivals in india
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Top Festivals in India for every music lover out there

What is it about music festivals that appeal to people? Well, what could be more exciting than seeing your favourite artists live onstage while you sway and groove to their music? Bringing together likeminded folks from across the country, these festivals have carved a space for themselves. Which is probably…
places to visit near delhi

10 Places to Visit near Delhi for a quick getaway

Delhi, with its rich history, chaotic streets and vibrant culture, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India. Some of the neighbourhoods of Old Delhi were established as early as 1600 AD. It is the political hub of India with a population of almost 10 million! If you are visiting the…
summer stories

Summer Stories: The Donga Ride

Don’t know when and how it bit me, but when it did, it bit hard! Yes, I am talking about the beginning of my romance with travel and exploring my own destination. Personally, I am confused, I fidget a lot, I don’t know what my next steps would be or are, and the same goes for this write-up. I have been thinking for a while to write down my travel experiences, a few friends had inspired me too but I just didn’t get around to doing it. Whoever said things happen at their own pace and when your heart is really at it – kudos to you, it is not wrong in its entirety! So here you go, one of my most vivid travel stories from my childhood. (more…)

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food trails in india

10 Best Food & Beverage Trails in India

Travelling in India is essentially all about experiencing the culture of a place, which includes its unique culinary adventure. Be it flavoursome Punjabi food or spicy Bengali food, India is known for its diverse range of cuisine, from north to south. So, why not set out on a journey through…
team building activities
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The Perfect Corporate Team Outing Calendar

If you are an HR manager in your company, the recent Global Human Capital Trends reports by Deloitte and a similar report by Aon Hewitt and Tiny Pulse should have been pretty depressing for you. A 14% drop in the ability of companies to address matters related to Employee Engagement,…