Uma Sarangan

  Her writing skills apply to anything under the "creative" umbrella. After writing about a wide number of topics, she now writes about her other passion in life, Travel. She hopes to inspire everyone to get out of their comfort zones and discover themselves with their travels.


Uma Sarangan

9 Stories by Uma Sarangan

7 offbeat weekend getaways from Mumbai for this New Year’s eve

Come December, and you have the curtain-raiser for the new year – a prelude of festivities, fanfare with friends and family to welcome the...
0 6 min read

Rejuvenate in the hills ‘n’ beaches of Karnataka

The creaks of your aching muscles sync perfectly with a hung-up, overused computer mouse. Sore, stiff and literally stuck, the only getaway you think...
1 2 min read

From a Sufi saint’s hermitage backyard to an entire country – the Journey of Coffee in India

Within the glass and chrome interiors, you will find a huddle shouting out “Cappuccino!”, a couple melting into each other’s eyes over the cream...
0 5 min read

The healthy ‘Shape of you’ – The best yoga retreats in India

How does one bend like Beckham, or shimmy like Shilpa Shetty or do planks to the likes of Baba Ramdev? Not to mention the...
1 2 min read

STAR TREK – Amazing star-gazing getaways in India

For some of us, looking at the stars takes us on a journey to space – that which is beyond the ordinary, a galaxy...
0 2 min read

6 hotspots for booklovers in Bangalore!

You feel the spine and let your hands rove further. The musty scents lure you deeper into those contours- where words transform into delightful...
1 2 min read

6 fun ways for kids to spend summer holidays

Come May, and the mild summer showers of Bangalore even though a bit sporadic, hint at the lush surprises in store! Your own little...
0 3 min read

What lies hidden as gems in Orchha?

Armoured kinsmen of the Bhundela army with spears and swords would have reached this place in cahoots, in the early 16th century. Escaping the...
0 8 min read

Do you want to give romance a ‘Sensual’ twist this Valentine’s?

You are eager to please your loved one with something special this Valentine’s. Those sparkling eyes seek romance in adventure, conquering heights, sailing off...
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