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Best Romantic getaways in India – Plan your Valentine’s Day

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India is not just a place of historical sites and metropolitan cities teeming with traffic, although these are the ones that dominate the headlines quite often. We have seen many people in urban areas trying to flee away from the hectic hustle-bustle of daily life and reach a place that provides them solace and some quality time with their loved ones.

And when it comes to spending time with one’s better half, it becomes a stress to find out the best romantic getaways in India. It doesn’t mean that there are any romantic getaways in India. But the problem is that most sources of the information guide us towards the wrong places, where the romantic fervour gets shattered due to a poor experience.

We understand your problem and we have brought to you a list of places, famous for providing you with an atmosphere that makes you cuddle your loved one and spend some of the best moments of your life with your soulmate. Hop on our wagon as we take you through some of the best romantic getaways in India that will work as an aphrodisiac. Are you ready?


When it comes to finding the best romantic getaways in India, the name that comes up in everyone’s mind is Shimla. The place is nestled right in the midst of Himalayas and is the capital city of Himachal Pradesh. Reaching this place from New Delhi is not a big deal and takes only 9-10 hours.

The moment you land at this place, you will be welcomed by cool breezes and picturesque view of hills. The sight of the human civilization bustling on the slopes of the hills of Shimla is just awesome and the pleasant atmosphere that it offers makes Shimla one of the best romantic getaways in India.

valentines weekend getaways
Image source: loyaltoursindia.in

You can go to Lakkar Bazar, and buy exotic pieces of art carved in and out of wood. The souvenirs will be a mark of the trip you had with your loved one and will remind you of your love forever.

A walk through the famous ridge, a visit to the Church on the ridge and an evening at the Governor’s residence will create memories that will rekindle the love in your heart for your dearest one.

Shimla is one of the best romantic getaways in India and you just cannot miss the chance of visiting this place for a honeymoon or a romantic trip.


If you visit Shimla, then don’t miss this enigmatic location too. Manali is snuggled in the lap of the Himalayas and is certainly one of the best romantic getaways in India.

This hill station is quite near to Shimla and lies at the northern end of the Kullu Valley. At a height of 2050 meters, this place in Beas River Valley offers you some of the best and most picturesque views of the colossal mountains covered in a blanket of snow.

Image source: manalihoneymoonpackages.co.in

The place is famous for the green thickets. The presence of orchards full of fruits and meadows bubbling with wildflowers will make you cuddle your loved one and carry him/her in a wonderland. A walk through the salubrious hamlets will create moments that you will always cherish about this best romantic getaway in India.

For the best honeymoon experience, don’t forget to stay in cottages that will give you the unobstructed view of the lush green landscapes, and mountains clad in snow. Go for hiking and skiing, along with a multitude of other activities, for adding a flavour of adventure to your romantic trip.


valentines weekend getaways
Image Source: udaipurtourism.com

Lakes, palaces, lights, and colours – Udaipur is a place that inspires Bollywoodish romance. Stay in palace resorts and live the fairy tale dreams; weave your own tale of Cinderella and the prince charming!

Spend long hours together in gardens dainty and charming, enjoy boating in Lake Pichola at sunset, walk in the bright and colourful streets, together, hand in hand. Do new things together – the bumpy camel rides and slow rides on the ornamented elephant backs, are fun and unique.

Go for candlelit dinners at the finest of places, before you head back to sleep in the lap of luxury. And yes, Udaipur has a lot of picturesque places, offering a lot of stunning backdrops for your photo ops.


Let’s descend from the hills for a while and take our wagon to the waters of Kerala. God’s own country has some of the best romantic getaways in India. And one of them is Alleppey. The 7th largest city of Kerala, the place is known for its water bodies.

The place is replete with spellbinding lagoons, captivating backwaters, serene beaches, and magnificent canals. The waters are so tranquil that they give you a certain kind of privacy in which the most amorous moments can be spent.

Image source: justkerala.in

There is no better way to spend your honeymoon or to go on date than to opt for a houseboat. Just hop on to one of the houseboats skimming over the silent waters of the backwaters in Alleppey.

The view of the paddy fields and the hills at a distance is simply mesmeric. If you are already getting excited to visit this best romantic getaway in India, then fly to Kochi airport and then reach this place.

The experience in houseboats is rarely found in India and Alleppey offers some of the best experiences in its beautifully decorated houseboats. It will feel like a tiny house is gliding over clear waters of the lagoons and backwaters.


Image Source: makemytrip.com

Is it a bit of adrenaline rush that gets you and your partner going? Then Lonavala nestled amidst the wild Western Ghats of Maharashtra is the perfect place to be. The grandeur of nature, coupled with a host of adventure – this is the best place to be at, for the fun and spirited couple.

You have the adventure camp in Lonavala that offers a plethora of activities; trekking, swoop swing, flying fox, rocket ejector, ATV rides, dirt biking, buggy rides, bungee trampoline and paintball to name a few. And worry not. The blissful climate and the scenic vistas of Lonavala would work its way to keep alive the romance between you and your partner.


Your search for the best romantic getaways in India can also end at tea gardens. What can be a better idea of a romantic trip or an amazing date than walking through the plantations of tea and sipping the nectar, enjoying the cool zephyrs and view of the distant hills?

valentines weekend getaways
Image source: travio.in

If you are interested in tea gardens, then Munnar can be one of the best romantic getaways in India for you. The location is nestled in tranquil regions of a hill station. The absence of hustle-bustle of hectic city life will transport you to the realms of emerald green landscapes and atmosphere of privacy.

Moreover, the view of the lush green tea gardens is a sight to behold. The tantalizing aroma of tea leaves will leave in a state of trance and will certainly be the best aphrodisiac you have ever experienced.

Don’t forget to sip some tea prepared right at the place where it is produced. The taste of hot nectar in the cool and tranquil breeze accompanied by the mesmeric view of clouds hugging the mountains is simply incredible. Words may fall short of describing the experience one has while staying in a cottage and enjoying all the boons of this place.

Andaman & Nicobar

Imagine yourself together discovering a whole new world; a world of beauty and silence deep inside the sea. Andaman and Nicobar Island, with its unusual and stunning coral reefs and marine life, is one of the best places to try out underwater activities.

The azure sea, the pristine beaches, and the numerous luxury resorts – what else do you need to make your getaway a romantic one! Watch the sunrise together, indulge in some fine dining experience, and take a couple massages at the luxury spas.

Image Source: weddingsonline.ie

Tucked away in a charming corner the world, these islands, often less crowded, makes for the perfect romantic getaway! Neil Island, Campbell Bay, Little Andaman Island, Cinque Island and Mayabunder are some of the places you place you must get to. However, we presume, the gushing sea, the soft sun, and the exciting water activities will keep you hooked!


Get to visit one of the best romantic getaways in India right in the backwaters. Just a view of the backwaters flanked by the lush green plantations of palm and banana is enough to leave you hypnotized. If you are a photography enthusiast, then don’t forget to fetch your DSLR before arriving at this place.

This is an ideal place for you to unwind yourself and relax while gazing at the wispy white clouds overhead. You can be as a lazy as a sloth while immersing yourself in the magnificent aura of this place or be as active as yourself and capture the moments in vivid photographs.

Image source: tripdoers.com

Restaurants, bars, and even multiplexes are too passé options for going out with your loved one. More and more people are opting for places that are tranquil and give a sort of privacy.

If you are also looking for one such place, then the backwaters of Kumarakom are the best fit for you. You will also get to befriend a lot of migratory birds at the bird sanctuary.


It is time to return to the hills. Ootacamund, popularly called Ooty, is a place in Tamil Nadu known for its picturesque views of hills and enchanting aroma of tea gardens and coffee plantations. If you happen to visit this one of the best romantic getaways in India, then you will be astounded to find the tea factory producing various flavours of tea right beside a tea garden.

You can enjoy with your loved one a few sips of chocolate tea, cardamom tea, and ginger tea. Home-made chocolates are one of the best aphrodisiacs you can get this place.

Image source: zoomtra.com

The Botanical Garden located on the slope of Doddabetta peak is another heaven for couples. The serene atmosphere in the verdant slopes is perfect for cuddling and sharing some light moments with your sweetheart. Don’t forget the Doddabetta Peak, which is the highest peak in Karnataka and is located in this best romantic getaway in India.


If you love places like Ooty, then you will swoon over a place called ‘Wayanad’. One of the best romantic getaways in India, this place is nestled in the hills and is covered with trees.

A perfect place for honeymooners and for lovebirds, Wayanad offers you picturesque landscapes and tranquil atmosphere full of privacy. Whatever you imagine for the best romantic getaways in India, you will certainly get it at this place.

Image source: banasura.com

The best part about Wayanad is that large areas in this place are untouched by human civilization and hence, have preserved their pristine state. The environment of this place is as pure as your love is and the climate is as cool as you are.

The wilderness in various places, the thickets of forests and the sub-tropical green covers will captivate your mind and you will feel blessed at this place. The everlasting hills and never-ending plantations will elevate your mood and will turn the cupid to fire arrows at you and your loved one.


Before choosing the best romantic getaways in India for this Valentine’s day just pause and ask yourself, ‘do you and your beloved love wine?’ If the answer is a resounding ‘Yes’, then you must stop your futile search and straightaway head to this place called the ‘Scotland of India’. Coorg is a place that is famous for wines.

Image source: indiatravelblog.com

Apart from wine, you can also get high on the adventure sports that set your adrenalin spirit pulsating. The Barapole River is a perfect place for rafting. Coorg is also a perfect place for trekking. The lush green landscapes and flowing rivers add an altogether different charm to this place.

The best memories with your loved one will be created when you both walk hand-in-hand on the trekking trails from the Abbey Falls and reach Mandalpatti.

It is an amazing experience to mix with the locals and learn about the local culture and lifestyle. Who knows, you may end up learning a few secrets about a happy married life? Don’t miss the Tadiandamol peak and the homestays at Coorg.


To sit on a sand dune beneath the night sky, to watch the stars glitter and twinkle, to watch the moon illuminate the golden sands, this is a thing hopelessly beautiful and romantic. The air of Jaisalmer has something – it makes you realize that no matter how big the world is, and how far the horizon lay, you are and would stay together!

Image Source:  india.com

Being a place in Rajasthan, it is only natural that luxury is a given, whichever nook you choose to stay in. Desert safaris in camel humps, opulent tents in sand dunes, colourful performances by village folks and exquisite dinners in the open air – indeed a golden touch to a romantic holiday!


If you feel that the best romantic getaways in India lie on the seashores, then you are perhaps not wrong. Kovalam, with its pristine beauty and serene beaches, will prove you right.

The sparkling waters of this place are indeed unparalleled and the palm trees that sway with the wind will look as if they are waving to you and welcoming you to this beach town.

Image source: writeuparticle

The mornings, when you wake up by the side of your loved one, will be made even more pleasant by the chirping of birds and the sounds of the waves crashing on the shores.

The view of the panorama that you get from the hotels and resorts here are simply mind-blowing and no single picture can describe the experience fully. You can also opt for a stay at Leela Kovalam. The hotel is perched at the edge of a cliff and gives you a surreal experience of this place.


And here we end our search for the best Valentine’s day getaways in India. Goa is indeed one of the best romantic getaways in India. The sea beaches are quite famous all over the world and it will be a delight to be at this place with your loved one.

You can go and dance endlessly at the hip places renowned for their nightlife. Dancing with your beloved for the entire night is something you can rarely do anywhere else. However, if you are a silent person and want a bit of solitude while sitting hand-in-hand with your partner, then you can also try the silent and less populated beaches of Goa.

romantic weekend getaways in India
Image source: mytravelo.com

Baga Beach, Colva Beach and Anjuna Beach are some of most favourite with lovebirds. Go Goa!

Finding the best romantic getaways in India is not that difficult now when you have an entire list of places with you. Just book two tickets, call your loved one to give them a surprise this Valentine’s day and fly off to the best romantic getaways in India, to create memories to cherish for a lifetime.

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