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Wine Tasting in Bangalore

In movies, people drink alcohol when they are sad, angry or in company. But if it is a romantic scene, the drink is always...
Deepu Nair Deepu Nair
2 min read

Your Nainital tour is not over without this Himalayan food experience

Interested to go beyond the popular dining outlets and have a bite of the local Himalayan food? Add this unique activity to your bucket...
Ghousiya sultana Ghousiya sultana
2 min read

Delhi: Home to Famous Delicacies of India

From the street food of Kolkata to the kebabs of Lucknow, from the biriyani of Hyderabad to the lip-smacking delicacies of the South which...
Wandertrails Wandertrails
7 min read

Flavours of Iftar – the must try delicacies of Ramadan!

Togetherness, charity, and prayers – these are the things that signify the month of Ramadan. During this holy month of Islam, Muslims all over...
Debashree Sharma Debashree Sharma
2 min read

Appam to Beef Fry: Top 10 Must-Try Dishes from God’s Own Country

Kerala isn’t just about serene backwaters, rustic villages, splendid beaches and an interesting culture. The region is just as popularly known for its lip-smacking...
Surendra Surendra
3 min read

10 Best Food & Beverage Trails in India

Travelling in India is essentially all about experiencing the culture of a place, which includes its unique culinary adventure. Be it flavoursome Punjabi food...
Surendra Surendra
6 min read

Traditional Indian Summer Drinks to beat the heat

With temperatures on the rise and the days getting warmer, summer is almost here. And what better way to beat the heat than with...
Roshni Jacob Roshni Jacob
2 min read

Heading to Coorg? Don’t forget to try these 10 delicious Kodava Dishes

Home to lush coffee and pepper plantations, dense forests, friendly and hospitable locals and a picturesque landscape that earned it the title of Scotland...
Surendra Surendra
3 min read

Rogan Josh to Modur Pulao: Must-try Kashmiri Dishes

Picturesque, stunning, breathtaking…words don’t seem enough when it comes to describing Kashmir. With the mighty Himalayas adding to the allure of the place, the...
Surendra Surendra
3 min read