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Do you want to give romance a ‘Sensual’ twist this Valentine’s?

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You are eager to please your loved one with something special this Valentine’s. Those sparkling eyes seek romance in adventure, conquering heights, sailing off to new seas, exploring, unravelling the secrets of nature, discovering a niche, a nook or a hide in the wilderness, feeling the toss and tumble along raging rapids… squealing in delight, rumbling in fear, to relax & rejuvenate, savour some melting moments and you do it together… a different trail of romance that is sure to keep that spirit alive forever! So, to make it even more special for your loved one, a bit of a quirk and quip with the roses and lilies would be the way to go this Valentine’s day! Plan it ahead to make it unique and plant a surprise that would be hard to surmise! You can make it short and sweet or long and adventurous. Here, we have made a list of couples holidays for you to make a pick from.

Trekking & Camping

Who would not like to conquer those heights? To reach the summit and declare that ‘I feel on top of the world”? More so, to do this with your partner, while treading a rugged terrain adds the sense of the ‘awesome twosome’ on a trail to together.

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Be it the scenic vistas or the treacherous climb, the lush tropical evergreen of the Western Ghats, or the snow-laden vistas of the mighty Himalayas, you will be held in rapture. And in those rapturous moments, you will find romance and beauty, as it unwinds at every milestone. When you pause, or take a breather and pitch a camp, maybe even huddle around the warmth of a crackling campfire, you will find the clarity with your partner as you reminisce and envision the many milestones together.

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Flying is freedom and love is all about freedom when you let go of the worries and spread your wings to take to the skies! Soar to those heights with your loved one. And, when you stand on the edge of adventure to make the plunge you will know that you are not in it alone.

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Exhilarating paragliding and camping experience in Bir-Billing, Himachal Pradesh

There is somebody out there, as that positive harness to keep you in flight, to fly with you and give that anchorage on the solid ground, when you need it the most! Now, would you stop yourself from making that jump, regardless of how daring it might seem?


Pristine snow-covered mountainscapes have beheld the seeds of spring! Yes, the harsh winter conditions prepare the earth to wake up to the blooms of spring. With a promise in the bud to unfurl, would you not love to leave a trail in the snow by skiing in a streak of adventure? And, make it a journey from winter to spring, through the biting cold, to feel flushed when you go skiing and warm up on the snowy slopes!

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Gear up with your ski poles, go zipping through the snow with your partner, blaze that trail with a fiery spirit – the kindle of love and the fire of romance, let the ice break, thaw and even melt… all to make it the spring of your life, in the offing!

River Rafting

From rocky landscapes to plains, the course of a river is one of ‘rush-of-adrenaline’ adventure. Just when you thought that your rafting boat is afloat in the placidity of the river, you will be swept unawares in the toss and tumble of the raging rapids!

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Tame the rough waters – river rafting at Kolad, Pune

From squeals of excitement to the rumble of fear, you tide over it by gripping your oars tight and manoeuvring. Talk of sailing through choppy waters and making it to the safe banks with your partner, isn’t that what togetherness is all about?

Underwater Expedition

A sea of treasures and a trove of secrets – an underwater expedition would be more than discovering the pearl of the ocean! Explore the mysteries of the marine world as they come to life in deep blues. Share the learning with your loved one, in the placidity of the surroundings, how everything hangs in a beautiful balance and co-existence.

The sea with its secrets would mystify you and unravel the mystery together for that tingle of excitement with a strong current of love!

Jungle Safaris

Into the wild and the wilderness, you will find a universe unto its own. The thickets, the stillness, and the pugmarks would open you up to the starkness of nature. Be it in the lush foliage of Bandipur, Thekkady, or the arid grasses of Ranthambore, Bandhavgarh, you will be in tune with the sights and sounds of nature and the jungle rhythm.

Jungle safari through Tholpetty and Muthanga wildlife sanctuaries Kalpetta, Kerala

Here, you will capture those moments that will appear frozen in time, away from the rush-hours of daily life. To see a rare bird perched on a branch, or a wildflower in full bloom, or the king of the jungle on the prowl…here is to the raw and wild of romance that you can picture together!

Mystifying nature trails

To feel on cloud 9 when in love, is but natural. And when you let nature unshroud its pristine beauty in some of the breathtaking wonders, you would be spellbound. Experience the spellbinding effects of some of the mystifying trails of the Khasi hills in Meghalaya. As you explore through legendary double root bridges, silvery cascades of waterfalls, limestone caves with beautiful formations, the river canyons, you will breathe in lushness.

Fresh as the morning dew, would be every moment of this trail, and you would feel the intimacy between the earth and the natural elements…the romance lingering like the smell of musk and dew!

Culinary tours

For the love of food, the wars that have been waged, the feuds that have erupted and the love that found its way through a man’s stomach…of contests and conquests, like love, food unites and when shared it is a double delight!  Beyond the confines of swank restaurants, follow the tantalizing aromas of famous street foods in vintage eateries.

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A culinary session to master the best of Indian snacks – Puducherry

The churn and turn of the ladle that has been going on as heirloom tradition at these eateries, will give you the taste of the classic! Savour the sweet & spice with something sour as you dig into morsels of exclusive delicacies. Fill each other’s cup to the brim, with a spirit of love that would effervesce for a lifetime!

Beach extravaganza

When the waves frolic, the breeze nudges, and the palms sway… would you seek a better romantic setting to feel intimate with your loved one? Walk barefoot on the shores of virgin beaches, pick sea shells, listen to those whispers, make sand castles, get into a riot of a beach carnival, recede into the quietude of the sea… to watch a beautiful sunset. You will see those streaks painting the sky, as vivid and warm like those moments sensuous and surreal at the same time!

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A retreat into a realm of relaxation from the clutter of daily thoughts,  with a wide range of massage therapies, steam baths, sauna would leave you fresh and blooming. A new lease of life energy would see you resurging with a positive outlook to create that same positivity in your universe of make it happen, happily.

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And well… with the slant, the streak and the strut of romance, you would find that sparkle of love as brilliant as a diamond, embedded in those layers of lushness, colours, sunsets, reflections all that crystallize to make it an experience of a lifetime!

And for that proposal in the offing? In the wink of an eye, it would be a “yes & forever!”

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Uma Sarangan
Uma Sarangan Her writing skills apply to anything under the "creative" umbrella. After writing about a wide number of topics, she now writes about her other passion in life, Travel. She hopes to inspire everyone to get out of their comfort zones and discover themselves with their travels.

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