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Top 12 Popular events in Bangalore

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The city of Bangalore is a pot of mixtures of different kinds of culture, passion, and energy. This city is always bustling with such unique activities that even if you happen to miss out on one, the other doesn’t seem to be far away.

These events are vastly laid across this huge city, the city being conveniently divided into north, south, east and west. You can always hop on to the metro and travel to whichever part you want, in order to attend the event of your choice. The crowd in these events never fail you. It’s bustling enthusiasm and vigour, and also doesn’t compromise on the oomph factor!

With a contemporary influence in its lifestyle, Bangalore is equally authentic and absorbs everybody in its enigmatic events. Some of the events that simply cannot be missed out when in this city are as follows.

Events in Bangalore
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1. Wine Tour

Located in Anand Nagar, a wine tour is one such classy experience of course for wine lovers, but also for anybody who is here just for the fun of it. This is an entire tour in itself and takes up about 60 minutes. It commences at around 10.30 AM.

Initially, guests are informed about the history of wine and its cultivation before heading to the vineyard. This is a fun yet knowledgeable event. It’s quite interesting to witness these procedures and understand the know-how behind the scenes. Every portion of the wine-making is discussed, ranging from fermentation to the procedures of bottling and finally the labelling. Undoubtedly the most awaited part of this tour is the event of wine tasting.

Here guests can sample up to six different varieties of wines, out of which two are of Indian origin and the rest are authentic French. When you indulge in this experience you come out as a wine connoisseur at the end of it. This event can be attended anytime between 10:30 AM to 4:00 PM.

Also, do keep in mind that this tour is not accessible to children. There is a minimum entry charge for the vineyard with all applicable taxes. The weather sometimes is unpredictable, so it is always safe to carry a jacket with you. Added fact is the delicious lunch available in the in-house restaurant. It’s worth going here and is one the most popular events in Bangalore.

Events in Bangalore
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2. OctoberFest

Located at the infamous UB City in Bangalore, potentially promising to imitate the fun and madness of the original Octoberfest in Munich, the Kingfisher Octoberfest has never seemed to disappoint the Bangaloreans! This event revolves around everybody’s favourite drink-beer! Hold on, it’s not just about drinking beer, but also playing all kinds of crazy drinking games. Fun, isn’t it? These games range from beer pong to flip cup and even a beer relay!

Now excited, aren’t you? This doesn’t stop here; there is also delicious food to serve as your beer munchies all along. From Brownies and burgers to pasta and pizzas, altogether there are 22 food stalls to win your heart and tummies- Smally’s, Shiro, Smoke house Deli, Khan Saheb, Mamagoto; You name it and it’s there! There is no compromise on the music either. It’s one mad evening you can remember for a lifetime, for sure. Cheers to that!

Events in Bangalore
Image Source: hungryforever.com

3. Kitsch Mandi

Kitsch Mandi is a festival for emerging Indian artists. It’s a one-of-a-kind art festival bringing together pioneering designers, visual artists, indie musicians that represent the emerging art scene in India. The events here range from live gigs to public space art, flea market and Junta-an artist network.

With a host of artefacts created using recycled materials, the decor at the bazaar is a must to look out for. One of the prominent interesting stalls is the Woodgeekstore’s stall. You get bamboo and wood sunglasses, phone covers and even engraved bamboo notebooks! (Wow). If you are wandering around for some hand-painted jute and canvas bags and jewellery, Savita Iyer’s Urban Kala might just amuse you.

If shopping isn’t your cup of tea, no worries! This bazaar has it all covered for you. You can sign up for the workshops here which include everything from zero waste to lifestyle gardening. Does it keep getting better, right?

The food, of course, doesn’t compromise on any aspect whatsoever. From Churros and tortillas to egg bhurji, the list goes on. It’s worth spending an evening at this bazaar located at The Pebbles. Definitely an event in Bangalore everybody should attend.

Events in Bangalore
Image Source: lbb.in

4. Russell Market Walk

One of the oldest charms of Bangalore, Russell Market is among the few British establishments endowed to us. It has got a rustic authentic charm to it which makes you go back in time. This market contains a large variety of fruits, vegetables, and flowers. It is a beautiful walk around this market, looking at the vendors working about their daily business; it’s simply a picturesque image.

Also between are a few spice shops which offer a drink called the sulaimani chai which proves to delight the palate of all tea aficionados. And one could also binge on some plum cakes made in their very own traditional bakeries.

You can also buy to your heart’s content, the freshly arrived fruits and vegetables which attract visitors with their vivid colours and ripe flavours, and have a great local experience overall.

Events in Bangalore
Image Source: herokuapp.com

5. Johnson’s Market

For pocket-friendly food lovers, who love indulging in street food, this place is ought to be visited.  Specially designed for carnivores, this place boasts of a variety of meat chicken, fish, meat, pork, mutton and the list goes on and on. There is no compromise made on the quality and quantity here.

This place is loaded with people throughout the day; nevertheless, the food is fresh when you order. The vertical roisters and the recurring rhythmic slicing and chopping of meat and laying the ingredients of rolls here together can be quite a hypnotic sight.

The aroma is quite stimulating and you end up battling your stomach to just wait a little more before the food arrives. It is quite hard to decide on what to eat as the menu list is so huge and you cannot simply get away with just one plate. For all the food lovers out there, it’s a must-visit event in Bangalore!

Events in Bangalore
Image Source: akash bhattacharya

6. Horse Ride Safari

A way to excite a boring weekend is by going for the enthralling safari experience in the gorgeous villages of Jakkur.  This tour takes you exploring the authentic old-fashioned tiny villages, rudimentary bazaars and the untouched wilderness of the surrounding woods.

There is no experience in comparison to that of riding on a horseback, cutting through the wind; you feel the magnanimous control over your life while you’re freely galloping through the meandering lanes.

Witnessing the beautiful sunrise while horse riding is an added feather to the cap. Interacting with the locals and learning about their lifestyle is simply nice. This tour ends with a lip-smacking breakfast at the famous local restaurant.

Events in Bangalore
Image Source: bangalorehorseriding.com

7. Sunday Soul Sante

Bangalore’s biggest and most happening flea market is Sunday Soul Sante. As the name suggests this flea market takes place on Sundays of a particular month. It’s an expansive ground, flooded with stalls ranging from clothes, food stalls, art stuff and much more.

It easily takes an entire day to have a look around the place. Accompanying the flea market are the energetic performances by bands. This flea market is a beautiful event in Bangalore, which simply cannot be missed out on.

Some of the stalls here sell such unique stuff that you’re definitely not going to get in any other part of Bangalore because these companies sell only at flea markets like Soul Sante. The crowd is flooded with young energetic people and for shopaholics, it’s nothing less than a paradise. Must visit!

Events in Bangalore
Image Source: sundaysoulsante.com

8. Cycling Trail

For all those people who are looking for something challenging to encounter, this place is a must to go. Doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a pro at cycling, this place is easy on you and has trained professionals who will guide you throughout.

The terrain, weather and safety are all guaranteed so you have nothing to worry about. These rides range from half day rides to one full day rides or rides which are spread over more than one day. It’s simply an experience in itself- the joy of cycling. You can also socially meet like-minded people and have a blast of your own.  Moreover, there are about 15-20 different terrain categories to choose from! What more to suit your needs eh?

Events in Bangalore
Image Source: padhaaro.com

9. Humming Tree-Open Mic

Bangalore, known for its bustling nightlife, also offers its infamous open mic night at Humming Tree. This place has a beautiful ambience which suits its non-stop events. Humming tree is a perfect place to go for if you’re looking for an event in Bangalore.

It’s such a wonderful feeling when a group of friends hang out at a chilled place with open mic and sing to songs they wish to! The crowd, of course, is as encouraging as it can get. The drinks and food at the place are delicious, no doubt. With a unique name called Humming Tree, what it offers is all the more unique.

Events in Bangalore
Image Source: folomojo.com

10. Ranga Shankara

One of its kinds, Ranga Shankaran is a live theatre based on some of the best plays in Bangalore. This place is named after veteran actor Shankar Nag and is owned and run by his wife, who is also a multi-talented lady herself, Arundhati Nag. The plays which take place here have some different stories to tell out to the audience. The language ranges from English to Hindi and Kannada primarily.

Even if you aren’t a theatre fan, you must witness at least one play here in your lifetime. The ambience gets to you and teleports you to a world of drama. It’s elite and theatrically inclined. There is also a section called AHA, which is designed for children especially. Any event here is a must visit in Bangalore.

11. Sunburn Festival

Who hasn’t heard about the infamous Sunburn Festival?  This festival is a chief of EDM (electronic dance music). Its most popular and happening event takes place in Goa which takes place in December. But before that, they have their large gigs in some of the biggest cities in India, one of them being Bangalore. A crowd of nothing less than 10,000 show up for this event.

The event consists of a line of artists, with some of the most popular international artists being a part of it. The music is loud, beer is loaded, and people are in full swings. There is so much energy in the air, and people exhibit utmost zeal.

In Bangalore, there are ideally just a couple of locations where Sunburn takes place as only these places can accommodate such a huge crowd. Music is never a disappointment. One can simply enter into its trance and refuse to come out. Some of the most famous artists are Hardwell, Martin Garrix, David Guetta, and Dmitri Vegas.

Events in Bangalore
Image Source: dmanewsdesk.com

12. TCS World 10k

Bangalore City’s most famous annual marathon is the TCS World 10k.  People come together for this marathon for a social cause, generally. The crowd is huge, and the experience is unique. This marathon usually takes place in the centre of the city. The marathon has different categories with the maximum being 10 km.

A maximum of Rupees 6.5 crore is raised via this event successfully. The people who participate come from all walks of life. They needn’t necessarily be athletes. It’s fun to see people coming together for a healthy event in Bangalore.

The marathon has stalls of water bottles available at incessant intervals too. It’s a wonderful event to be at. A very nice part of this event is that it is open to people who are differently abled.

There is also a section for old citizens. You need to be a part of this event and experience the feeling of everybody coming together for a common cause. This event takes place annually in the month of May.

Events in Bangalore
Image Source: runnerstories.blogspot.in
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