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Top 10 places for Budget Shopping in Bangalore

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Did you know? The first mall in India was established in Bangalore. While the city has its fair share of malls, swanky stores and luxe brands, there’s nothing quite like the pleasure of street shopping. If you’re craving for some retail therapy but don’t want to burn a hole in your pocket, there are quite a few budget shopping places in Bangalore. We’ve picked out the all-time favourite places you can head to for a spot of shopping without splurging too much.

1. Commercial Street

Commercial street is one of the best budget shopping places in Bangalore. A paradise for shopaholics, Commercial Street is synonymous with weekend shopping. Touted as one of the oldest shopping zones here, your hunt for value for money goodies is bound to end at Commercial Street. From bags to shoes, jewellery to trinkets and, of course, clothes, there ‘s enough here to please any shopping enthusiast. Apart from a whole lane dedicated to shoes and another to silver jewellery, there are streets lined with stores selling factory rejects, partywear, dupattas, ethnic outfits, home decor and antiques as well.

shopping places in bangalore
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2. Avenue Road

Looking for books? Avenue Road is where you should head to. It is often listed among the top budget shopping places in Bangalore for books. From textbooks to novels of all genres, there are over 300 street vendors here, predominantly dealing with used books. You would be surprised to find a sizeable chunk of these books to be in excellent condition. It is the one place known to every Bangalorean looking to get rid of their (rarely used, in some cases) school and college textbooks. Books aside, you will also find trinkets and raw materials for DIY projects. The street is also prominent for fabrics, garments, and jewellery.

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3. Malleswaram Market

This bustling market in Malleshwaram retains the old-world charm of Bangalore. From the sweet fragrance of flower garlands to the freshness of herbs and veggies, from trinkets and toys to mouth-watering street food, you will find the market to be a hub of activity and trade. There is a vast flower market here, which you must visit for sure. Frequented by locals who prefer the market to grocery stores, you will find everything from farm produces to clothes in one place.

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4. Gandhi Bazaar

One of the oldest shopping areas in the city, Gandhi Bazaar is located in Basavanagudi. While you soak in the old-world charm of the neighbourhood, go shopping without worries of burning a hole in your pocket. If you get tired of looking at too many products that this bazaar offers, you can relax and have some delicious food at the restaurants nearby. Everything fits into your budget here. Some of the best shops to visit in Gandhi Bazaar are Mayuri’s Novelties, National Novelties, Greeting Gardens and Jai Shree Novelty, among others. Many textile retailers can also be found in Gandhi Bazaar. Some of the popular fabric stores are Vittal Dresses, Rajaram’s, Mysore Saree Emporium, Indu Fashion, and several other smaller establishments.

shopping places in bangalore
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5. Brigade Road

Don’t be fooled by the swanky showrooms and dazzling lights of Brigade Road. This affluent location has many a hidden gem, waiting to be discovered! Located between MG Road and Residency Road, Brigade Road is another option if you’re looking for budget shopping places in Bangalore. Some of the must-visit spots here include the all-time favourite bookstores, Blossoms and Bookworm, and Eva Mall where you can find styling casual wear for reasonable rates. Accessories, bags, footwear, even customised goodies are available here, and all for a steal. Make sure you hone your bargaining skills before heading there, of course.

shopping places in bangalore
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6. Dubai Plaza

Though located on Brigade Road, Dubai Plaza deserves a spot of its own on this list. From modern electronic gadgets to accessories for your gizmos, from trendy outfits and stylish bags to shoes, this place has it all! Starting at as low as INR 100, the options available here will surely amaze you. If you are confused what to shop while visiting Dubai Plaza; here are some of the products you will find here – men’s clothing and accessories, women zone which consists of both traditional and western outfits with accessories stores, footwear stores, electronics, designer bags and much more.

shopping places in bangalore
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7. Chickpet

This market is a treasure trove for shopaholics. Best known for its silk fabrics, this is one of the budget shopping places in Bangalore for ethnic wear like sarees. Some of the shops to visit in Chickpet market are Sudarshan silks, Prabhat Fancy store, Kiran Metal House and Kanchi Co-Shrinidhi Silk. The marketplace also has stores selling casual wear, footwear, jewellery, home decor and electronics, among other products. If you are a fitness freak and want to set up a small gym at home, Chickpet market has a few stores specializing in gym equipment, available for reasonable rates.

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8. Jayanagar 4th Block

Jayanagar shopping complex is located in Jayanagar 4th Block and is one of the busiest shopping places in Bangalore. This shopping complex is quite like a maze; vast and confusing with several access points. Spices, sweets, herbs, flowers, handmade products, artwork, pottery, sculptures, home decor – the place is overflowing with options! Things ranging from daily routine items to luxurious items can be purchased from here. Whether it’s about house décor or party décor, all the props will be available here. Plus, apparel, footwear and accessories!

shopping places in bangalore
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9. Basavanagudi

Located in South Bangalore, Basavanagudi is another of the busiest shopping places in Bangalore. The place gets its name from the Bull Temple located close to the locality. Basavanagudi is considered as one of the heritage localities of Old Bangalore. Basavanagudi’s market is a burst of vibrant colours, smells and sounds, luring you there simply with its buzzing activity. From dry fruits to vegetables, home decor to apparel, you’ll find them all here. Whether it’s a simple wind chime to spruce up your space or farm-fresh veggies, the products here are available for quite a steal.

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10. National Market

The go-to place for all things electronics with options aplenty for the budget shopper, National Market is somewhat of a heritage when it comes to getting a bang for your buck. National Market is recognized for its quality home products and electronic gadgets which are available at pocket-friendly rates. Snazzy phones to home appliances, you’ll find them all here. The market also has a good collection of menswear.

shopping places in bangalore
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Now that you know the best spots for budget shopping in Bangalore, wait no more. Get going, all your shopping lovers.

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Surendra As much as he loves to explore the country, Surendra is also passionate about sharing this journey with the world. With a keen attention to detail, he makes sure you are well informed about a destination.

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