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Suruchi and Tashi of  All Gud Things talks to Narayana Menon K about love, life and travel.


They say good things come to those who wait for it. But then, these two took to the road and met all those good things halfway down the road. Wandertrails talks to Suruchi and Tashi of All Gud Things as they talk about their stories on the road.

1) Could you tell us when and what made you decide to go out, travel and explore the world together?

Suruchi: We got engaged in 2013 and during the courtship period, instead of dating, we both were climbing hills and doing day trips to the hills. That was the first time we realized that both of us were crazy for travelling!

That was the beginning of our travels and the tale continues to this day. The only difference between then and now is that the craziness has gone to a whole another level.

2) Do you feel that travelling together has impacted your relationship and if so, how?

Suruchi: We believe that travel is the best way to strengthen a relationship. It not only helped us grow closer to each other but also helped us understand our independent decisive powers and helped us realise how much we cared about each other.

In every travel, there were both good and bad periods. It is easy to be nice or cheerful during good times but the real time to judge one is during the bad periods. I like how Tashi is calm during difficult times.

3) Can you narrate a couple of memorable incidents that brought you closer as a couple during your travels?

Suruchi: Oh! There are a lot many.

During our Sri Lanka trip, we had hired a cab for the entire trip, but I am a two-wheeler lover. Seeing that I was uncomfortable with the driver and cab idea, Tashi sent the driver and cab back without a second thought and we drove around on a bike for the entire week. In Thailand, I injured my head after a night party and to this day I admire the way he got me to bed and applied ice on my head through the night.

At Chandratal Lake in Spiti, I was suffering from AMS(Acute Mountain Sickness). Tashi went to the kitchen himself, got water boiled and arranged hot water bottle to make me comfortable. These might be small incidents, but his caring and loving nature brings me closer to him every day.

4) What do you like about each other as a travel partner and what irritates you?

Suruchi: I love the resounding ‘YES’ that comes from him for each and every travel idea. I love the way, he takes care of me and makes me comfortable during the trips. He understands when I need my own space, can almost read my mind and is ever-accepting of my all craziness.

His laziness irritates me at times but its okay because such small things hardly matter in this ever-growing beautiful relationship.

 Tashi: I like the way Suruchi packs for both an organised and unorganised trip. I like that she understands my quietness. The best thing though is that she is not fussy about anything, particularly food.

She wants to explores a place in depth and can spend hours together clicking pictures endlessly, which can get irritating at times.

5) Would you suggest couples to travel together and why?

Suruchi: Yes, definitely! Whenever you get a chance! As busy as you may be, do take out the time to make a trip together. There are people who open up and talk about their thoughts only during travels, as Tashi does.


Travel helps to build trust, friendship and respect for each other. And believe us, these are the real ingredients for a happy married life.

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6) Your best travel experience together thus far and why?

Suruchi: Every travel together has truly been an experience in itself. We cherish every single day that we have spent together travelling. Travelling without plans, sleeping in cars, camping and road tripping without proper clothes for days together – all of it has definitely added more substance to our relationship.

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