Prachi Joshi - She is a foodie on the prowl

Prachi’s two great loves – food and travel – and her unwavering passion for them led her to become a top blogger who has been featured in many distinguished publications.

A travel and food writer, Prachi Joshi is a top blogger whose words been published in National Geographic Traveller, Travel+Leisure, Mint Lounge, The Hindu, and more. Read as she tells you about her travels and experiences around the world.


1) What was the first place you travelled to that made you fall in love with travel?

That would have to be Kenya. I was 12 years old and it was my first ever trip abroad. Until then, my family and I had explored a bit of India. But Kenya was a revelation – the safaris, the food, the hotels (I love hotels!)

2) What’s the best part about being a woman traveller? What’s the worst?

Worst part – well, the male gaze (in some parts of the world, including most of India).

3) How would you rate travelling solo v/s travelling in a group and why?

I definitely prefer travelling solo or with my husband. If I have to travel in a group, the smaller the better. Big group travel tends to be chaotic, you have to pander to many preferences, and you may not get the experiences you want.

4) Tell us about a couple of memorable incidents – your best and/or worst.

There are so many! Going on a night tour of the Colosseum in Rome, a Champagne breakfast in the middle of the Grand Canyon, having an entire safari conservancy all to myself in Kenya…

5) What’s your favourite place amongst all your travels, one that you’d go to again and again? Why?

Italy! I have always been obsessed with the place so much so that I studied the language. I love the food, love the history and culture, and the people too.

6) And now for the tritest question of them all – what does travel mean to you?

The freedom to go and see what’s out there. And yes, it’s a privilege; I never forget that.

7) Any tips/tricks/words of advice to aspiring travellers?

Keep an open mind – people and cultures vary so don’t be too judgmental. Travel responsibly – choose local over big brands whether it’s with your choice of accommodation, food, shopping etc. Choose experiences over things.

8) How do you plan a trip – things you make a note of, do’s, don’ts, itineraries, the process of selecting a place, where to stay, et al? What are your pet travel peeves?

Google is your friend. I go through the official tourism website and then read up a few blogs and magazine articles. I draw inspiration from Instagram as well, especially for hotels, restaurants, scenic spots. When I’m travelling on my own (not part of a media trip), I prefer staying at an Airbnb in a central location or close to public transport/train station. Pet peeves – I try not to let little irritants ruin my travel!

9) Let’s talk about the safety factor that comes in when you are a “woman traveller”.

Be on your guard and be aware of your surroundings. If you’re going to a country with strict cultural norms, find out in advance and try to blend in. Dress conservatively. Keep someone back home informed about your whereabouts – I send out my itinerary, hotel/apartment info, contacts etc. to a couple of family members. And listen to your gut – if something/someplace feels weird, get out immediately.

10) What inspired you to focus on food in your travels?

Well, I live to eat so it’s no surprise that food is a big part of my travels. I have actually planned trips to where I want to eat!

11) What’s the best/ worst food experience that you’ve had?

Best – too many to name, but amongst the most recent would be a Maori meal in New Zealand, a halwai breakfast at Suryagarh in Jaisalmer, and an Absinthe tasting experience in Switzerland. Worst – a bad case of ‘the runs’ in Amritsar after eating way too much street food. But that was just gluttony, don’t think there was anything wrong with the food. 😉

12) Tell us about a food memory from your childhood that might have coloured your travels.

I keep an open mind – I will try anything once.

13) What would be a favourite dish that you learned to cook on your travels?

Cooking a full Italian meal for all the guests at the B&B my husband and I stayed at in Volterra, Tuscany! Have never laboured over a meal for so long and yet had so much fun

14) What’s the inspiration behind Deliciously Directionless? How has it grown/progressed/ morphed since you began?

The blog started nearly 6 years ago as a hobby project. I had always wanted to write so I thought “let me start a blog and see whether people actually read what I write!” It has grown beyond my wildest dreams and has brought so many opportunities my way.

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