On the road with 'Mojo Baba'

Narayana Menon K talks to Sarath Shenoy aka Mojo Baba about his love for the road, his passion for biking and what it means to be a traveller.

Sarath Shenoy is an avid traveller, a passionate biker and is popularly known as ‘mojo baba’. Instead of an official introduction, I would rather you get to know him along with me as I get in to an interesting conversation with the man himself.

Join me on an enthralling conversation with ‘Mojo Baba’ as he talks about his mojo for motorcycling, the roads he has traversed, the people he came across, the secret behind Karthyayani and more.

How it all started!

They say it all starts from home. Like any kid growing up, Sarath’s dad was his superhero and his tryst with bikes started from there. Click that play button to find out how Sarath’s dad made a bike of two sacks of spare parts.


Most of you will be reading this from your not-so-cosy cubicles. Now, imagine what it would feel like to be in Sarath’s shoes or even better on his bike. Check out the video to get a sense of what Sarath’s office space is all about!

Cherished Rides

Listen to some fascinating stories of motorbiking across the country and what it means to ‘discover the real’ – real people, real people and real experiences. Watch Sarath talk about a few of his memorable motorcycling moments.

The people we meet

As the conversation continues, Sarath reaffirms our shared belief in the inherent goodness of people where he talks about a freak accident and how it dispelled preconceived notions. Hear about the accident and what happened after, from the biker himself.

Marrying passion with your profession

We are always told that work and passion have separate tracks, focus on one and the other suffers. Here’s someone who got lucky and gets to actually monetise his passion. Check out the video and be sure to take pointers.

The Support System

A lakh plus kilometres in a year, that takes some doing. Did he do it all by himself? The answer is in the video below!

Who’s Karthyayini?

She stole his heart the moment he saw her. Sarath reveals it all. Get to know Karthyayini…

New Beginnings

Another day. Another road. Another ride. A new beginning.  Find out what Mojo Baba has planned for the year ahead!

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