RoadToTaste - Vishu & Saumya

Road to Taste archives the journeys of Vishu and Saumya as they travel the country exploring new places and strange cuisines.

Both techie-turned travellers, Vishu still has one foot in a tech company while Saumya has completely taken the plunge. Travel, food and each other are the tripod on which their world revolves. Wandertrails talks to Vishu and Saumya about Road to Taste and their love for food and travel.

1) Could you tell us when and what made you decide to go out, travel and explore the world together?

Vishu: Our passion for travelling to new places, exploring strange cuisines and meeting people from different cultures is what brought us together. We used to share our travel stories with each other before marriage, and this shared passion for travelling is what helped us decide to get married and travel the world together.

 3) Can you narrate a couple of memorable incidents that brought you closer as a couple during your travels?

Vishu: Oh, there have been many! I remember our trip to Rajasthan.

I had got back from work one evening and Saumya suddenly came up with the idea of a road-trip. Just the thought of spending time out on the road was exciting. We barely planned and headed out to Rajasthan the very next day.  We then spent more than a week together exploring Ajmer, Pushkar, Jodhpur and Jaipur. We were literally living out of a suitcase for a week and enjoyed it thoroughly as a couple.

Another one I remember is our trip to Singapore. We had to cover most of the places in very little time, which meant picking some and losing some depending on our preferences. We both ended up trying to pick places by giving up on our personal choices. This helped us understand that we could find contentment in one other’s happiness.

4) What do you like about each other as a travel partner and what irritates you?

Vishu: Saumya’s love for getting the perfect shot is something that I really appreciate about her. She can spend hours and hours to get that one click without getting tired. That’s the amount of passion she has towards her work.

However, sometimes it becomes a bit too irritating for me as I honestly do not think and look at things from a photographer’s perspective.

Saumya: One thing that I like about Vishu is that he is always game for a new destination and he always helps me out in planning my solo trips.

What irritates me is the fact that since he is still working, he does not have the freedom to just take a week off from work when he feels like it.

5) Would you suggest couples to travel together and why?

Vishu: Yes, couples should definitely try to travel together as much as possible. When you travel together, you get to know so many things about your partner that you may never know just by staying together.

The journey matters the most when you are with your partner and the experiences you have while travelling together helps to nurture your relationship and make the bond stronger. When we travel together, especially on a road trip, while Saumya plays the navigator and DJ, and takes charge of procuring food and water for the journey, I, on the other hand, take care of the car and can drive effortlessly for hours. Thus, any trip with your partner helps you define your roles in life and relationship more clearly.

6) Your best travel experience together thus far and why?

Vishu: The best trip we had so far was exploring the serene lands of Ladakh and Kashmir. Witnessing the sun-rise at the Pangong Lake and seeing the sun go down at the Dal Lake made it a trip to be cherished for a lifetime. This was our best travel experience so far as this was our first big trip together, just after marriage and it felt as if we had hit the jackpot when we walked on the highest motorable land in the world at Khardungla.

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