Secondbreakfast - Ruchi & Avi

 Secon Breakfast follows the journeys of Ruchi and Avi. Narayana Menon K talks to the couple about their travel adventures and why they make such a good team.

The world is their stage. Ruchi and Avi broke all stereotypes and sold everything they owned to embark on their journeys. Maps and each other are what they count on.  Wandertrails talks to Second Breakfast‘s Ruchi and Avi about their stories on the road.

1) Could you tell us when and what made you decide to go out, travel and explore the world together?

Ruchi: We always wanted to travel and see as many places as possible. While living in Bangalore, we would try to travel as much as our schedules would allow. But we realized one-week vacations were not enough to see a place properly. And we’ve always wanted to just slow down in a place for a while and explore it at our own pace.

We wanted the freedom to travel as we wished, leaving a place if we didn’t like it, or staying longer if we loved it. No itineraries, no ticking things off a hurried list, no coming back home! We decided to build a life that made this kind of travel possible. So in November 2016, we gave up our apartment in Bangalore, sold all our stuff, packed our life into a suitcase and set off on what we hope is a never-ending adventure around the world.

2) Do you feel that travelling together has impacted your relationship and if so, how?

Ruchi: We spend all of our time together since we work together as well as spend our leisure time together. So it’s definitely brought us closer. Our friends wonder why we haven’t killed each other yet. And although we’ve driven each mad at times, I guess it works because we want the same things!

Avi: It works because we understand our differences, and know how to manage each other at our worst. We understand each other really well and know each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Sometimes one person has to take care of the both of us, and we’ve gotten very good at handling those situations.

3) Can you narrate a couple of memorable incidents that brought you closer as a couple during your travels?

Avi: This one time in Danang, Vietnam, Ruchi tripped and fell in a cafe. I didn’t think it was serious, but then she blacked out. Turns out, it was a pinched nerve. It took a while to heal, but she couldn’t move for a few days, which was quite scary. Or the time, when her phone was snatched just outside our house in Saigon.

Ruchi: I don’t have any scary stories, but just getting to experience new things together, on a daily basis is wildly exciting, and very special.

4) What do you like about each other as a travel partner and what irritates you?

Ruchi: The unnecessary panic he creates sometimes. “We’ll miss our flight!”, “Where’re our passports?” etc. I’m the chill one haha.

Avi: The number of clothes she carries. Some of that stuff has to go!

5) Would you suggest couples to travel together and why?

Ruchi: Yes definitely! Travelling brings out the worst and the best in people. You have to see how a person deals with things like terrible wifi, not having anything around for miles except rice and beef, losing your luggage, missing a flight, missing home, getting lost, falling sick, not knowing the language at all while being in a foreign land. How they react to such situations is who they really are! 🙂

Avi: Travelling together is a really eye-opening experience for couples. But travelling together full-time might not be for everyone if both the people aren’t on the same page about their goals.

6) Your best travel experience together thus far and why?

Avi: I love long drives, so my favourite experience would be going on a long road trip in southern Vietnam. We drove along the coast for miles, with swaying palm trees, along the pristine countryside, lush green fields, and then up to the mountains among fragrant coffee plantations and waterfalls. It was an epic road trip!

Ruchi: My favourite would be exploring the ruins of Angkor. We’ve read about it and heard other people’s stories several times but there’s nothing like waking up at 3 am and watching the sunrise over the magnificent ruins. We decided to spend a month in Siem Reap, Cambodia living close to the ruins and seeing it as many times as we wished, and during different times of the day. And seeing it during the rain was absolutely incredible!


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