The Editorial - January

2018 seems to have jumped off the block like a sprinter on-song and lo and behold, January is almost done. People all around seem to be in a hurry to establish their views and form factions. Our politics, news, opinions, groups and even hash-tags are widening chasms than bridging it.

While a lot of these may be genuine and needs to be addressed, my question is, do we divide and dissect based on polarities or be inclusive and accommodating. I personally would subscribe to the latter. Let us not have a few bad apples become the face and be the definition of various sects of people.

For, I truly believe in the goodness inherent in people and with that thought, welcome to the first edition of 2018 of The Way. And here’s to new beginnings and to more inclusive journeys.

I did promise something special and we have a video interview with motor biker Sarath, ‘the mojo baba’ as our key feature. A thoroughly enjoyable conversation as we share his journeys. We also have an interesting take on journeying through Jaisalmer by Zia. And well, it is the season of togetherness and we had the privilege to converse with 6 couples who share a passion for travel and love for each other. They have challenged the norms and broken free to travel around the world and find joy in writing about them.

There are clear indicators across this edition that travel is not always a bed of roses. The sacrifices and the hurdles to jump over are valuable insights to every traveller. It is also interesting that these challenges and meandering them together form the very essence of strengthening their bond as a couple.

Ultimately it all comes down to respecting each other’s strengths while accepting differences and to draw on these at the appropriate junctures to tide over difficult situations. If a couple can do this and more by travelling with an open mind, then why not the rest of the world is definitely a point to ponder.

I definitely do not think that everyone is made equal; take the most clichéd example of not all fingers of one’s hand being of the same size, having the same strength or being of the same utility. But then, together, as a fist, it definitely can dish out one helluva punch. Also to remember is that if one finger is fractured, the entire hand does suffer.

Let’s build bridges over troubled waters than walls and fences. Let’s connect the dots than separate and group them. Let’s send aid and support humanity and survival than fire missiles. Let’s be humane human beings than boxing ourselves based on colour, gender, religion, nationalities, beliefs, and the many other divisive parameters we come up with. Let’s use our powers to heal than to hurt. Let’s get rid of anger and hatred and embrace spreading joy and love. Because, at the end of the day, I truly believe that all that matters is that we have lived well, helped some in need,  loved passionately and travelled free.

Guess that is something to take away as we go about this year. Thank you all for your continued support and do go ahead and enjoy the January edition of The Way.

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