Women’s March – The Editorial

Ah, the voices. It starts to percolate as a murmur only to turn into incessant chatter and then to a deafening roar. But then I hear silence seeping in. It all turns cold and you can hear a pin drop. An occasional sneeze or a snore pierces the silence only to be buried in its chasm again. Well, all the chit-chat around Women’s Day can be thus summarised, I believe.

Women’s Day seems to be an occurrence that takes off by the first week of March, reaches its crescendo by the 8th of March, and fades into oblivion in another week’s time. I truly believe that the wonderful women we have in and around our lives deserve to be celebrated every day. And in lieu of that I have deliberately delayed this edition as an ode to women everywhere who should be respected, adored, loved and celebrated every day.

Welcome to a power-packed edition of The Way. This March, it is not just the summer sun that will sizzle you. The amazing women featured in our special edition to celebrate women and their journeys are sure to give the sun a run for its money. And my oh my, where do I even begin here!

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the wonderful women from various walks of life with whom I have had the good fortune to converse with for this edition. Nicole Faria, India’s first and only Miss Earth at the international level is a supermodel, a Bollywood actress, a budding entrepreneur, a traveller and an environmental activist. Anitha Kholay, a rallyist, a celebrity and IPL costume designer, wife, mom and so much more. Jyoti Iyer, a fashion designer whose designs are significantly inspired by her travel experiences. Roopa Mouli, an international pageant winner, an entrepreneur and a social activist who runs an NGO that works to spread cancer awareness and support women from rural Karnataka. Sonia Nazareth, an anthropologist who travels around the world. Sheila Kumar, an author and avid traveller. Charukesi Ramadurai, a travel blogger and a freelance journalist who has written for the likes of The New York Times, The Guardian and many more. Prachi Joshi, a food blogger who brings the flavours of the world to you. Sarah Webb, an aid worker with Asia and Latin America at Days for Girls and does some amazing work around women empowerment and menstrual health and last but not the least, Shikha Tripathi, the daughter of the Himalayas – a travel writer and promoter of sustainable tourism.

All of them are avid travellers who draw inspiration from their journeys and experiences, and truly portray the multifaceted woman of today who juggle a plethora of roles with absolute ease. One thing that stood out, apart from their fascinating journeys was the fact that all of them are very genuine human beings. Irrespective of gender, this could also be an occasion to uphold humanism and appreciate those who live by it, and these fine women of substance portray that with élan.

Celebrating the fascinating, strong, independent women of today, this day and every day… I will say cheers to that.

Enjoy this edition and do let us know your thoughts. Happy reading!

Narayana Menon K

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  • March 23, 2018 at 5:51 pm

    Loved this edition! Especially the interview with Miss Earth! 🙂


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